Happy First Contact Day! April 5, 2017 marked the -46th pre-anniversary of Earth's "official" First Contact with beings from another world (although we all know aliens visited Earth many times before then) and Mike and Barry are here to celebrate this auspicious occasion. What would happen if beings actually did land on Earth and give the old Vulcan salute? Would we welcome them, shoot them, or elect them president? Would they bring a cure for cancer, special affection for a little boy, or a great big laser straight down the Empire State Building? These questions and many others will be answered, plus and introduction to a great new "bracket" competition between two Star Trek seasons, this week on Episode 85, "First Contact Day."



  1. Episode rankings come from the SOS (Spoiler-free Opinion Survey). http://www.joereiss.net/sos/
  2. Two middle TOS episodes dropped are: Elaan of Troius, Turnabout Intruder because TOS Season 3 had 24 episodes and TNG Season 2 only had 22.
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